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Rossmax X9 Blood Pressure Monitor PARR PRO - Bluetooth

Rossmax X9 Blood Pressure Monitor PARR PRO - Bluetooth

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  • Bluetooth® low energy technology
  • Screens for Arrhythmia (ARR)
  • Screens for Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)
  • Screens for Premature Contraction (PC)
  • Screens for Tachycardia (TACH)
  • Screens for Bradycardia (BRAD)
  • Automatic & Auscultatory measurement available
  • Movement Detection
  • Cuff Detection
  • Blood Pressure Risk Indication 
  • 90 memories with date & time indication
  • Small, Medium & Large Cuff included (Non D-ring)
  • 6V Adaptor included
  • Cuff Holder Design
  • Jumbo size "XL" digit
  • Backlight LCD
  • Lifetime Calibration
  • 5 Year Warranty for Personal use, 2 Year Warranty for clinic use

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Comes with 3 Medical Cuffs Large 34-46cm Medium 24-36cm Small 16-26cm