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MY Premium Elasticated Ankle Support

MY Premium Elasticated Ankle Support

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MY Healthstyle® Premium Elasticated Ankle Supports are manufactured using the latest 3D weaving technology. The specially woven, light-weight materials, provide multi-directional support to injured muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Compression as a result of wearing the support may assist in the reduction of swelling, providing comfort and preventing further injury.


  • 3D Weaving technology with light-weight materials.
  • 4-Way stretch fabric provides adequate support to the limb.
  • Conforms comfortably to the contours of the limb.
  • Breathable material allows moisture to evaporate.
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Measure the circumference around your affected limb. Using your measurements, select the correctly sized support. Size-up your support correctly to avoid it being too tight and constricting blood flow or conversely too loosely and providing no compression. Once your support is no longer functional due to general wear and tear, discontinue its use.

How to check what is the right size for you: SIZING GUIDE Measure circumference around ankle. SMALL 15 - 20 cm MEDIUM 20 - 25cm LARGE 25 - 30cm X-LARGE 30 - 35cm

Hand wash in lukewarm soapy water DO NOT machine wash. DO NOT tumble dry. DO NOT iron. Air dry on a flat surface.