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MY Blood Pressure Monitor - SMART PRO

MY Blood Pressure Monitor - SMART PRO

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  • Mobile APP available
  • Talking Function
  • USB Type C Power port 
  • 150 Memories for 2-users each
  • Easy-read three colour results display
  • Loose cuff indicator
  • Large LCD display
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Includes a universal-cuff (22-42cm)
  • Storage case
  • 36 Month warranty
  • Connects seamlessly with MY Healthstyle App



          Syncs with Google Fit and Apple Health 

ARTG Registered

User Manual

How to setup your Smart Pro Blood Pressure Monitor

Directions to connect your Smart Pro BP to the MY Healthstyle APP

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1. Install batteries as per instruction manual. 2. Insert cuff air plug into the lefthand side of monitor unit. 3. Remove thick clothing from the arm area (bare arm is recommended). 4. Rest for several minutes prior to testing. Sit down in a quiet place, preferably at a desk or table, with your arm resting on a firm surface and your feet fat on the floor. 5. Apply cuff to your left arm and keep level with your heart. Bottom of cuff should be placed approximately 1-2cm above elbow joint. 6. Press " START/STOP " Button to start testing.

Universal Cuff 22-42cm

1. Avoid dropping, slamming or throwing the unit 2. Avoid extreme temperatures. Do not expose to direct sunlight 3. When cleaning the unit, use a soft fabric and lightly wipe with mild detergent 4. Cuff Cleaning - Do not soak cuff in water. Get a small amount if rubbing alcohol to a soft cloth to clean cuff surface. Use a damp cloth (water based) to wipe clean. allow cuff to dry naturally at room temperature. The cuff must be cleaned and disinfected before use between different users. 5.Do not use abrasive chemicals, petrol, thinner or similar solvents 6. Remove batteries when not in operation for an extended period of time 7. Do not disassemble product 8. Expected service life - Min 3 years and an average of 10 readings per day 9. Do not attempt service or maintenance while it is in use. this must only be performed by a qualified service personnel.