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Rossmax Digital Scale - 180kg

Rossmax Digital Scale - 180kg

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  • 4 Sensor Technology
  • Auto-on/off function
  • Large LCD size display
  • Graduation 100g
  • Maximum weight 180 kgs
  • 2 Year Warranty
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1. Put the scale on the firm and flat floor, avoid cushioned floor surface such as a carpet or mat. 2. Step onto measurement platform carefully with bare feet on the electrodes (stainless steel area) of the monitor and remain stationary until the measured reading stop flashing after completion of the measurement. 3. The measured reading (weight) will blink twice and lock on LCD display.

• Clean the scale only by using a slightly damp cloth. • Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaning agents. • Do not submerge the scale under water. • Store the scale in a dry location and keep it horizontal. • Do not expose the scale to direct sunlight. • Place the unit gently and avoid strong shocks, such as dropping the unit on the floor.