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Gel Power Insoles

Gel Power Insoles

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This provides gentle cushioning to help relieve mild symptoms of arthritis, ball of foot pain, burning feet, capsulitis, callus, flat feet, heel spurs and sesamoiditis.

Gel Insoles are ideal to cushion, protect and relieve the foot from discomfort.

  • Specifically designed to cushion, protect and relieve the soft tissue and joints of the foot against impact
  • Softer and thicker for comfort and shock absorption
  • Optimal cushioning, protection and relief during sporting and physical activities
  • Shock absorption and cushioning of the heel and arch area
  • Strength and stability under the arch of the foot
  • Should you require more support or alignment of your body we would highly recommend the Synxsole Everyday or Kids insoles


Made from premium materials including:

  • Polyurethane (PU) foam
  • Polyurethane (PU) gel
  • Thermoplastic urethane (TPU)


  • Please be advised that no liability is accepted for inappropriate use of the insole
  • Synxgeli Gel Power Insoles are not custom made and therefore may not be suitable for all foot types and needs
  • Any modifications to the product may void any warranty

Fitting Instructions:

You can watch this quick video to assist with fitting your insoles into your shoes.  Please note that the demonstration is using our Synxsole One Stop Insoles, however the instructions remain the same for the Synxgeli Power Insoles.

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