MY Healthstyle

MY Healthstyle® is a brand dedicated to empowering YOU to take charge of your well-being with a wide range of home monitoring, hygiene, sport & recovery products.

As an Australian brand, MY Healthstyle® offers a diverse range of premium products, carefully tailored to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers in Australia and beyond. We understand the importance of quality, affordability, and reliability in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and that's why our products are crafted with the utmost care and precision.

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Rossmax is a leader in the global healthcare industry, dedicated to delivering premium devices featuring innovative and unparalleled technology. With over 51 patents, Rossmax is a pioneer in home screening and monitoring of major chronic conditions, focusing on prevention, monitoring, and therapy.

The company offers an extensive range of healthcare products catering to blood pressure measurement, respiratory care, blood glucose management, fever management, fitness, obesity, hot and pain therapy, wound healing, and sleep disorders, all clinically validated and approved to meet the latest quality standards.

Rossmax takes pride in its world-class manufacturing capabilities, which are fully integrated and equipped with end-to-end process controls, from research and development to manufacturing, shipping, and logistics, ensuring operational excellence at every stage.

With a presence in over 90 countries worldwide, Rossmax is a global leader in healthcare. In Australia, Rossmax products are now available in over 2000 pharmacies.

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SOLAL® knows that an increasing number of people are adopting holistic wellness lifestyles and seeking alternative solutions that go beyond what conventional pharmaceutical medicines can offer. Our consumers want products that provide real health solutions, not merely to manage or treat symptoms of diseases.

SOLAL®’s range of mind and body nutraceuticals provide synergistic combinations of micronutrients and concentrated plant extracts, at therapeutically high doses, for optimum effectiveness.

SOLAL® also offers an award-winning topical skincare range to complement the skin nutraceuticals. The vision? For every SOLAL® user to experience true wellness because good health is the ultimate wealth.

Mind. Body. SOLAL®

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SynxBody was founded in 2011 by two Australian podiatrists who sought to make footcare solutions affordable and accessible to everyone. In 2015, the fledgling company provedits vision and innovation on the entrepreneurial TV show Shark Tank, receiving the investment they needed to enter the retail market with their game-changing patented insole design.

After successfully launching into the Australian market, SynxBody has never looked back, and has grown steadily to include a full range of affordable, high-quality footcare products for the Australian and global markets.

Our SynxBody range has been developed by our CEO Rachael Ferguson who understands biomechanics and theim portance of supporting your muscles and joints throughout your whole life and not just when you experience pain.

From no-tie elasticised laces to gel cushions, slimline orthotics and the 100% Australian made natural pain relief cream Synxeaze – an innovation in natural pain relief. SynxBody is the go-to name for professional footcare products in Australia.

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